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Are Drones Allowed in Kenya? Kenya Drone Laws

Are Drones Allowed in Kenya? Kenya Drone Laws Transcript

[00:00:00] Let’s talk about the Kenya drone laws and can tourists bring drones to Kenya? I started out researching this as I had an upcoming trip to Kenya. I’ve since already visited Kenya and I will let you know, I decided not to bring it just because there were so many hoops and things to jump through. It was just not worth it for me and I already know when I’m in the States.

You can’t fly the drone in national parks and why would I even want to fly it during a safari? There’s a lot going on and I’m not from the area, not familiar with flying in the area, so it just wasn’t really worth it to me. I was fine with getting the footage that I got from my drone. Sony camera and from my cell phone what I found out as far as bringing a drone into Kenya.

I reached out to the Kenya civil aviation authority and whenever you’re looking up drone laws, that’s a [00:01:00] good place to start so just put in the When you Google, put in the country and the civil aviation authority. So just look for something along those lines. And here’s what I got. It states that no drone is allowed in the country if it will not be operated.

And the reason why they are responding in this way, because I’d already learned that you have to have certain rules and you have to import it. And my thing was, okay, if I don’t want to fly in Kenya, That’s not my final destination. My final destination was Tanzania. Going to Zanzibar and I wanted to have it while I was on the beach there.

And I’m like, so can I at least just bring it into the country and not even use it? Cause at that point, I know some people probably would. Still try to see what they can get away with, but I was not even trying to do that. I was just wanting to bring it in so I could go to the next destination. I [00:02:00] wasn’t going to fly, like that would be crazy to do that.

But it says no drone is allowed in the country if it will not be operated. You will be required to declare and leave it with customs at the airport and collect it when you leave the country. You need to be leaving from the same place you entered from. And I have to pay any fees that case, like the customs agent would basically require.

So I asked, what’s the process for this? importing the drone in and they responded that I need to get a temporary import permit and authorization approval for flying in the Kenyan airspace. And it must be for commercial or research purposes or hiring local drone services. And so I’d have to contact remote aircraft.

Operators, which you’ll see when you’re looking up these drone laws, there are OCs and [00:03:00] they will help. And also no import drone permit is allowed if you’re just bringing it in to fly for an hobby. So basically you need to be flying for commercial purposes, which one would argue, of course I have a YouTube channel.

And maybe I want to sell the footage, whatnot. Okay, so I just continued along the seed. And there was a list that they provided of the ROCs. And I reached out to a few and sent an email. BCC’d. And some of them, I got one, I got a bounce back. And then I finally got one that responded. Thanks for reaching out.

You will need a temporary permit that would allow you to fly in Kenya. Cost is 200 and you apply through the KCAA, through an ROC. We can facilitate the drone importation [00:04:00] and operations under a foreign import and a temporary permit at a fee. The operations will be under our ROC, and we will appoint a crew minor to accompany you in the field during operation.

Should you be interested in a quote, so this is additional to the 200 for the permit. They wanted the intended dates of travel. Are you a licensed pilot? Share your approved certificate, the duration, et cetera, et cetera. At that point, I’m like, this isn’t really worth it for me. My other option would be to allow customs to confiscate it and I would have to pay a fee.

I think it’s like free for a certain amount of days, but don’t quote me on that because it could change at any time. Should you make it through and actually get approval to fly in Kenya, here are some of the basic [00:05:00] drone laws for Kenya. I’ll leave a link to the actual legal notice so that you can stay up to date with the latest link and for more of the drone laws.

There was a lot of debates and groups asking people what was done. And some people said they didn’t even check for a drone. How do they know you have a drone? It’s not like you have to volunteer it. I will say as I was traveling throughout East Africa, every time I landed and went out the airport, I had to get my bag scanned.

And when I came into the airport, I had to get my bag scanned before I went through TSA through the security checkpoints. I did notice some things, but. But I’m not gonna say, yeah, go ahead and try to get around that because if you’re caught with the drone or whatnot, it’s like illegal. So there is like the process that they lined up and I’m not about to gamble with that for the sake of getting some [00:06:00] footage.

There might’ve been a way around. Getting it through security, but who wants to go through all that stress? And even if I allow customs to check the drone, I read some things that it would take a long time to get it back. And that would just add on top of it. And it’s already a lot. When you’re flying out of these airports, we took a cab and even when we were on, like before we even got into the airport, there was a security measure where we had to get out of the car and walk through the security.

And get back in the car and then when we got to the airport, there was a line to get into the airport because they scan your bags. And this is before you even drop them at the ticketing counter. So there’s just a lot already. And I’m glad I left my drone at home because I didn’t want to have to deal with that.

And I thought of maybe even shipping it [00:07:00] to my final destination, or Whatnot, I even thought about buying a drone and then just having to sell it when I got back. And at the end of the day, that was just too much. I’ll talk about why I ended up not even taking it to Tanzania. What I found out in my research there, as far as the drone loss for Tanzania, please don’t post any questions about like, How to get around it, all that stuff.

I’m not going to help you with that. It’s really not worth it. I will say you can possibly bring it and get it checked at customs, but that’s a gamble. Definitely look into insurance because if you don’t get it back or it’s damaged, whatnot, that is an option. Make sure you subscribe to this channel for drone tips, drone news, and traveling with the drone.