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In this video, I discuss DJI RC vs RC Pro

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DJI RC vs RC Pro Video Transcript


[00:00:00] Let’s talk about two of the controllers from DJ I that have built in screens. You have the RC and the RC pro, so which one is right for you? Let’s dive into the RC PRO versus the rc.

Okay, so right off the bat, as I was doing as all of this, I definitely can tell this one’s heavier, but of course, It’s heavier, weighs about 680 grams, almost one and a half pounds, whereas the RC weighs 30, 90 grams and it’s under a pound. So there’s that difference. There’s two antennas built in here, whereas you have four antennas.

The max transmission on both is 15 kilometers are a little over nine miles. They [00:01:00] both have 10 80 p and up to 60 frames per second. As as far as the screen resolution. However, this. Controller has a thousand nets, whereas this controller has 700 nets in terms of brightness, so you have better quality on this.

As far as the brightness of this controller, you have to add a memory card, whereas this controller has 32 gigs of internal storage, but it has expandable memory as well. I will link some of the recommended. SD cards for both controllers because you always need to make sure you understand which. ST cards go with your controller and your drone, or which are recommended for your controller or your drone.

This gets you about four hours in operating time, whereas three hours in operating time. But it’s understandable because this has a lot more. Power, a lot more brightness and stuff that will run down the battery quicker than it would on this controller. [00:02:00] They’re both compatible with the Mini three Pro and the Mavic three Pro.

Most importantly, the distinguishing between the two is the RC does not allow for you to add apps, whereas the RC Pro allows you to add apps. You can control the system more easily. Those apps allow you to be able to stream. And share it to social media easier. And you can even add your U S B C headphones so that you can stream and have audio, whereas this controller does not allow you to add apps and such.

So it all depends on what you’re looking for. Price point at the time of this video, this is more than triple. Um, this. But just know you have more, you have more brightness. You have the ability to be able to add apps and stream. Versus with the rc, you do not. But having a built-in screen is a win-win. I will say whenever you [00:03:00] have a built-in screen, make sure you get a screen protector.

It’s very important because you could run the risk of scratching up such an important part. So I’ll link some, uh, recommended screen protectors as well for the controller. Let me know which one you would prefer for your drone and which drawing your flying.