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DJI Mini 3 Leak

Details on the DJI Mini 3 leak


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DJI Mini 3 Leak Video Transcript

– Today’s live, I’m going to talk to you about the DJI Mavic Mini, or well, the Mini 3, they’ve dropped the Mavic now. So the Mini 3 has been rumored to come out, and let’s take a look at the tweet that started it earlier this month. So on March 1st, we have a tweet from, so OsitaLV stated on a tweet on March 1st, make this bigger, so you can see it. Before further confirmation. I’ll regard this pic as joking, let me zoom in so you can see it a little more. So here’s a picture of what is leaked to be the Mini 3, and of course everyone when these leaks comes out, they get upset, someone says, “Why would you even think this is legit? My eight year old can Photoshop better than this”, and then just some other people laughing, and when is it gonna come out? And if you’re new to like DJI in general, DJI is kind of similar to like Apple. They’re always coming out with something new, but it might not be just like a wow factor, it’s just a little bit of an improvement, but of course it comes at a higher price tag. And usually a new model drops every year, I know for the Mavic Air, I usually can expect that in like, this fall, late summertime, I have the Mavic Air 2, and so they’re saying that this Mini 3, may come out in April, and just based off of this one picture, so here it is, And then Ted Talks says, “Just crashed my DJI Mini 1, was thinking about getting the DJI Mini SE, but Mini 3 at, lets see, $299 is looking good”. So yeah. Let’s see, oh, well, you have it then! The price point on the Mini 3, is rumored to come out, in basically April. So they haven’t done the price point, with the Mini 2 being, basically $449, I would expect either the Mini 3 to be like maybe 50 to a hundred dollars more than that, or maybe they might drop the price of the Mini 2 and then bring that Mini 3 at $449, still too early to tell because, going back to this picture, it has, let’s see, it has basically DJI mini 3. And again, these are like rumors, so of course everyone’s saying this looks very photoshopped and it does, but typically when these rumors come out, where there’s smoke, there’s fire, you know, like there’s something behind it, something till you set her out what this rumor is, it’s just like a matter of, what is this actually gonna look like in the final results? So let’s see. It has the pro on it, which makes me believe, like there’s gonna be something, like a professional version of this, and like Ted is saying, like do you think the controller will actually come with a screen though? So since this is saying that it’s gonna be a pro, I’m wondering is that why they have this professional, basically remote controller, in the past, on the Minis they have not, I know a lot are leaning towards, like the models are leaning towards the professional, are basically the smart controllers, and I know like with the latest 3, there are some of the smart controllers out there. I would actually prefer to get a controller like this, with a screen on it, because, I have this, this is what comes with like the Mini 2, like this size, where you clip on the phone, basically here and then attach it. So this is like the standard one. So it could be hopefully, maybe there is an option to do both, and let’s see, the reason I would prefer a controller like that is because when I hook up my phone, I have to take it out of the case, ’cause it doesn’t fit in the controller with the case and you probably can’t see it, but this is a S20, I’ve cracked it just by kind of rushing, and putting the phone like in my pocket, or just kind of going back and forth. So I’ve already broken one of my phones, and a couple of cracks and some other phones that I have. So the way phones cost these days, versus like some of these smart controllers, kind of have to weigh that, but I know when I’m flying, like especially in extreme brightness, I would rather like maybe a smart controller with a hood on top, like the little hood you can put to block out the sun, ’cause it’s very harsh when you’re trying to see your phone and everything like that. So that is my two cents on it. So we’ll have to see if it comes with it, maybe it’s gonna come with both an option, and then, let’s see, there’s some speculation on like how these propeller, or how the arms are opening out on this picture, so again, these are just rumors but, I would think, you know, if you’re looking into a Mini, definitely wait to see what happens, because you’re gonna see potentially a price drop go down on the other Minis, but that’s just how DJI operates. They’re always putting out something every year, and then you’ll see a rush for people trying to sell it, and like I got the Mavic Air 2, and then shortly the Mavic Air 2S came out. So, and then I had the Mini, and the Air 2 at the same time, and I had a hard time selling my Mini because the Mini 2 was coming out. So I would hold off to see what happens unless you really need a drone right now, but I just wanted to talk through, like why people kind of go towards the Mini series, but there is some limitations right now, but there could be some improvements going forward. I think the act if this Mini 3 has, let me go back to the picture, if this Mini 3 has like active track, so that’s where it follows you around, I think that would be great. Also some of the features like, being able to do some of the quick shots, which I showed earlier, making sure you’re able to do that would be great. Also making sure you’re able to shoot raw footage, so you’re able to edit it, so some of these Minis do not allow you to do, raw JPEG or raw video, so it’s kind of hard with editing. Let’s see, so with the release of the Mini 3, the Mini 2 would be cheaper, possibly. So like I said, either it might drop, let’s see let me go hide this, so either it might drop to like, so basically it could go like, maybe 50 to a hundred dollars more, than the $449 on the Mini 2, or the Mini 3 to come in and replace that Mini 2 price point. But since they already have the Mini SE at like $299, it’s more speculative that it might go up. So like might be a little bit more higher than the Mini 2. But we just have to wait and see especially with what features are gonna be on it. My personal preference, like I was saying earlier, I just decided to do the Air 2 series, the Air series basically because of the limitations. The small size is cool, but like I said, people said their Minis flew away, lost control of it, and it’s like really small, like some birds really were like circling my drone a lot when I was flying the Mini, and I just like, once I started flying the Air 2, I’m just like wow, this is what I’ve been missing. As far as the, I have HDR capability on the Air 2 and all that stuff. But, the Air 2 at the time started, I did the combo package and that was roughly, I wanna say like 1100 bucks. So that was at the time, they’ve come out with the Air 2S, I mean, you can find some cheap ones, since then so, it’s all about your price point what you’re tryna do with it, if you’re tryna make money, we just have to see what’s gonna be the features of the Mini 3 before. But I know a lot of people that use the Mini 2 that are making like great footage, making money off it, got their Part 107 License, and are booking jobs with it. So it’s all about your comfort level, all of that good stuff. So what do you guys think? Would you lean more towards a Mini 3, or would you look into, I guess it’s hard to say until we see all the specs of it, but or would you go for Mini 2S.