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DJI M30 News! New DJI Matrice 30 Drone in 2022

Details on the DJI Matrice 30 slated for June 2022


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DJI M30 Video Transcript

– Hey, what’s up y’all, it’s Kim with and I’m comin’ to you today to talk about some drone news and the most recent drone news from DJI. And if you’ve heard this week, or you haven’t, DJI announced the newest enterprise drone which is the Matrice 30, basically known as the M30. And, it’s one of the enterprise drones, you’re gonna see it mostly used for public safety and maybe some other use cases, but let’s take a look at the video and learn more about the Matrice 30 or the DJI M30.

– [Narrator] In the face of adversity what drives you to push forward? Courage. Experience. Absolute trust in all that supports you. Meet the new generation of enterprise drones, the Matrice 30 series. 16 times optical zoom camera, thermal camera, wide camera, and a laser rangefinder. The M30 is a new standard for hybrid payloads. Powered by DJI’s latest flight controllers. Image transmission and image processing technology for next level performance. Six way sensing and positioning offers protection and ensures safe flight. A new generation of quad-antenna image transmission ensures signal stability, even in complex environments. With its 200 times hybrid zoom camera, you can focus from afar and capture the precise shots you need. And it’s high resolution thermal camera efficiently reveals heat sources. When night falls, the M30 is ready. Its low-light FPV camera sees your surroundings even at darkness, so you can work safely. And smart low-light photo captures clear pictures even at night. All of this power is still compact and portable. It fits in your backpack to go where you go, ready to unpack and deploy in seconds. Hot swap batteries to keep you flying even under torrential rain. Treacherous slopes, scorching heat, gale force winds, or freezing cold, the M30 is designed to endure. The new DJI RC Plus controller is designed for enterprise pilots. It’s waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures with quad antenna video transmission, 4G, battery hot swapping, and 65 watt fast charging, you can power through until the work is done. Pilot too with a reimagined user interface for a revolutionary flight control experience. Introducing DJI FlightHub 2, a complete ground to cloud drone operations platform. 2.5D base map and one tap panorama sync gives you rapid situational awareness, and RGB or infrared cloud mapping gives you high resolution ortho mosaics so you can proceed with safety and assurance. With live annotations, draw points, draw routes, or divide work areas and quickly synchronize information across remote controllers, computers, and mobile devices for true ground to cloud coordination. For the remote places on earth, for roads less traveled, we present to you DJI Dock, built for round the clock automatic and repeatable drone flights, wherever you need it. Highly compact and integrated for easy installation. Set up and configure in just 30 minutes. Core components are modular and easy to maintain. The M30 dock version upon landing can recharge and take off in just 25 minutes. With an operating radius of seven kilometers, DJI Dock can cover a wide range of repetitive inspection and monitoring tasks across a variety of scenarios. Plan and perform remote missions through the DJI FlightHub 2 cloud platform. The drone can take off, execute the assigned tasks, and automatically upload media files. Check on drones, docks, and mission status in real time from your web browser to efficiently manage your grid of docks and achieve a truly remote work experience. The world we live in is built upon your trust and hard work. The Matrice 30 series, for an eye in the sky when you need it. DJI FlightHub 2, for air to ground coordination. And the rugged automatic DJI Dock, to help you day and night. All of this is ready for you.

– Alright, so that is the DJI M30. And like I mentioned earlier, it’s for enterprise and you saw a lot of use cases in the video where it’s public safety, fire, police safety. There’s even, of course, if you’re doing construction sites. So, mostly for enterprise, but I wanted to show it because it is pretty cool, don’t you think? I think Ray mentioned, Ray of Sunshine, was like, “Nice.” I definitely agree with it. I love drones, so just talking about the enterprise, even though I’m not in the enterprise space. But, just wanted to give you some tips, or not tips, excuse me, wanted to give you some just insight into it because it’s newsworthy as far as it’s waterproof. A lot of the drones that I’ve come across aren’t waterproof. It’s also can withstand some of really cold temperatures. Let’s look at the specs really quickly if you didn’t catch them in the video. Okay, so as far as the specs, let me show this. So this is on, and basically what they talked about in the video is the 48 megapixel camera, the 8K photos, 4k video. It operates in temperatures from -4 to 122. So like I said, compared to some of the other, of course, just drones for just regular use, this is definitely for enterprise and bein’ able to withstand that. 41 minute flight time and things like that. And I think it’s pretty cool. What I liked, or what was also cool, was the DJI Dock that’s coming out. That’s actually not available until later this year. And, if you saw in a video they basically, that dock allows you to charge the drone and operate usin’ the cloud. And basically you can program routes. And I see this, especially in the public safety realm, I can see maybe neighborhood patrol or something programming it so it can patrol the area, see what’s goin’ on. Of course you’re gonna have feet on the street, but you might have some missions that might do that, especially because you’re able to, that drone actually has really good capturing in low lighting, in low light, which is something that when you’re lookin’ at a regular drone, that’s can of be an issue at times. So, the M30 looks really good and it’s enterprise so I don’t wanna spend too much time on it, ’cause a lot of people, including myself, might not ever use this, but I just wanted to give you some information on it. The price points, let me show you the price points. But basically the price points start at 10 grand. So that’s why I say this is not a drone for everyone, but it’s cool to see the technology that’s developing, especially with the dock. I think that’s really cool that you’re able to operate missions without being there. And especially if it charges in 25 minutes. So, they haven’t released the price point on the dock, that’s not even coming out until later this year. And then I would imagine it’s gonna be custom ’cause it’s definitely, when you’re using the cloud you’re gonna have to consider data plans and things like that inside of the docking station and inside of the drone. There is also, with the release of the M30, is, if you saw in the video, the RC Plus, basically the remote controller plus. Right now it’s only slated to work with the former Matrice and this Matrice, basically the M30. And that, let me see, let me see if I can pull it up again so you can see it. But basically this is the enterprise version of a smart controller. As you can see, this also is going to be waterproof and this comes with a micro SD card and then you can connect via USB, HDMI, USB-C, and of course it has 4G connectivity. I wanted to give some information on that. Let’s see… Ray of Sunshine says, “Wow! Temperature range is amazing.” and then “Low lighting is an asset.” Yes, especially in the public safety which this is gonna be used in. And I can also see it, you saw the use case in the video where it talked about, or it showed, basically, the drone surveying a construction site. Companies really like that so they can see the progress of a construction site. I’ve worked in the industry, and actually I work in a tech industry and there are products where you can actually just sell cameras that will be on site. But this is actually gonna be able to survey it with the drone. And then when you have that dock, you can basically have it programmed to capture whatever you wanna see the progress of per day, what time of day, how many times a day you want it to go out, so. Let’s see. 10 grand, yeah. So this is basically enterprise. Like I said, I didn’t wanna spend too much time on it but I definitely wanted to, I would be remised if I didn’t talk about what’s goin’ on in the drone news world. Let’s see. Yeah, so I mean, Skydio has some drones that are costly as well, but you always, when you’re lookin’ at cost you gotta think about, what are you actually using it for? So like, my drone is something that I use for smaller projects, capturing. My drone was a grand with the combo package. And, if someone buys a drone that’s in the hundreds range, some people are just buyin’ it for fun, but this is an enterprise drone and what all you can accomplish by some of the missions and things and putting things in the cloud and bein’ to operate in the cloud without actually sending somebody to that site is a good return on your investment depending on different factors. Wanted to just hop on live really quickly, this wasn’t planned, to talk about this. And, let’s see, I do see a question from Ray of sunshine, says “Loving the vids. Any good drones not made in China that you can recommend? I know all will begin geofencing soon.” Yeah, DJI, RDD, geofences, and some others are coming along. “But just in case they ground all China made drones, tryin’ to get alternatives.” Yeah, I think we have maybe a while before, if that ever happens. But, that’s something for me to consider. I’m actually, I wanna write that down. Take note of it so perhaps I can put together a video to talk about some of the drones that are made in the U.S. and whatnot. And let me know in the comments, if you’re watching this replay, if that’s something you’re interested in learning about. But like I said, I can’t really see that happening right now. But, some people might prefer to use U.S. based drone, so I’ll do some research on that and have a separate video. How does that sound? Ray of Sunshine. But, thanks for watching y’all. I just really wanted to go live quickly to talk about this new DGI, excuse me, DJI M30, tongue twister. So catch the replay, let me know your thoughts on this. I think it’s really cool technology. It’s really awesome to see where the drone industry is going. It’s just so many different things, so many different use cases for what drones can help you with. I know a lot of times, a lot of people are afraid and still, what do we, but this I think is a game changer, especially in the enterprise space. So, catch the replay and let me know your thoughts on the DJI M30. And if you’re new here, be sure to subscribe, like this video if you’re watching. But definitely subscribe, turn on the bell for notifications so that you’ll be notified next time I go live. And I post drone tips for beginners. So, I will catch you all next time and have a great evening.